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Sunday, June 27, 2010


Its been a year when my life made sudden turn. It wasnt just a simple changed that took my way, it was abrupt and created a big impact in my daily routine.

My life was then a simple journey, a quiet voyage towards my dreams, making the most of what the world offers along my trail. As I continued my trek towards the summit, you came. Exactly a year ago, you made your presence felt in my travails. You made the change that i never asked, or should i say expected too soon as I was nourishing a sophisticated past. You redefines life. You created change. Change that was somehow welcome yet terrifies me as i was bordering to an old territory i once was. Afraid that that history would repeat itself, but then something tells me to pursue it, to adopt unto the change.

And my life was never been the same again. It was a roller coaster ride with the new life. A journey worth taking but then it was short-ended. The entrance was unnoticed and so was the exit. It hurts that it made a scar into the innermost pith of my being. It was indeed a struggle to be back to the old self. I was wondering then how in the world could i put myself back to the world i once had, a simple , no complicated life.

"Ive always supported your happiness, or at least try to.." so you say, but i felt otherwise. For whatever its worth, I would like to say Thank you for the memories. I wouldn't be the what I am now , if not of the changes that you made into my life.

Sunday, June 06, 2010


Its the usual habit. For the past schedule run , its a saturday-sunday rest days, so the usual routine almost always take as if scheduled on cue or should i use the word queue *wink*. Last sunday, after i attended mass, i had a quick shopping at bench-ayala and I had Jon with me, that gorgeous batchmate of mine back in my language training days. Actually 'twas an unscheduled meeting. I just rubbed elbows with strangers in the mall when i suddenly realized a familiar figure, the rest as they say is history.

Fast forward.

Today. Its sunday again. A blessed sunday as its always been. I attended a pontifical mass at the sacred heart parish church, afterwhich i dropped by at Ayala.

Wait. Why in the first place im back to blogging. My old self has transported me from the blogosphere to the bookworld. The ink has been drained for the past months or should i say years? My last blog dated sometimes in 2009 when Kris Allen took the crown for AI 8. Maybe enough of telling the world the "whats new" in my life.

Then back to the question, whats with the comeback?

Well, i was just reminded by Chino about this blogging. Haha. Of all the things he could have tell me , its about the error in my last blog, grammatical error it is. I checked it a while ago, and indeed, there was an error. Suffice it to say, his years in the callcenter industry has made him brighter if not wiser. As always, i stand corrected, but the blog would remain as it is, to preserved its original flavor, sour it may seem.

Im thinking of what to write tonight, and my mind just cant help but to scrutinize the once cute and dashing debonaire Chino. Oh well, i half expected the appearance, given the fact that i once took a glimpse of his facebook photo album proudly showing the arsenal of fats on his tummy, but the meeting was nonetheless unexpected.

The truth is, before the start of the mass, he crossed my mind, maybe because his birthday is coming right up or it was just a random thought, but for whatever it is, im glad ive seen him and had a quick chat with him. Now as you know in every blog that i had before where he once starred, i havent failed to make the blow by blow account of his utmost appearance.

Though sporting a chubby, no pun intended for streetwise lingo fanatics, he still oozes a magnificent appearance, lets just leave it as it is, the torso part could be mutilated away to give grace to the once angelic aura. But the look in his eyes is far wiser than his years. And im proud to note, he made a 360 turn from where he was then headed. He donned the that red/orange shirt which i wore couple of times before, it was in my possession quite sometimes, the very same shirt that reminded me of the night i had with Jelson.,. oh uh ! jelson who!? hahah. the ghost from our past who keep on resurrecting trying to make a vengeance, in the end, truth prevails and so are we.

At the end of the day , it was the hug from a friend whom i missed that makes this sunday memorable worthy to be immortalized in this humble space.

NOW im thinking, would there be another error on this piece that could be another hint for future meeting? hahaha. no time to look back, as my mind raced to join Cotton on his journey.

As my blood is refilled with the inks of memories, i surely am glad to have revived the passion to document life's simplest moments unraveled through the grand scheme of things weaved perfectly to be archived in this game called LIFE.

Just my rantings... just my random thoughts.

good night everyone.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Jovit Baldivino Carrie Semi-Finals May 01, 2010 Pilipinas Got Talent Top...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Winner Takes It All

Ive been a fan of watching reality based tv shows and competitions. Its one of my guilty pleasures on my day to day life. Three reality shows has wrapped up its season , and I did followed these shows religiously all throughout the season, though i miss some of the episodes, nonetheless i could safely say, i am an avid follower.

First to end its season this year is The Amazing race season 14. From the very beginning, i always am rooting on the mother and son tandem of Margie and Luke, and fortunately they made it till the final three. However, deserving winners brother-sister team up of Tammy and Victor made in the end.

Second to take its curtain down is the finale of Survivor Tocatins : The Brazilian Highlands, my favorite TJ emerged victorious, this guy shows toughness and discipline all throughout the game. And the best thing he did in the show is when he choose Stephen to be with him in the finale over Erinn. If you look closely at it those of you who are following the show, it would seem to be easier for JT to win the million if he choose Erinn but he sticked to his closest ally in the end, but if its stephen who won the immunity, he will choose Erinn instead, a different view of the million, putting in the garbage bin his bromantic partnership with JT. Erinn tried to keep her place in the final two by trying to break JT’s trust to Stephen when the latter informed her that he would choose her over JT but it didnt matter to JT as the real warrior has a heart of his own. Congratulations James “JT” Thomas Jr.

And finally, earlier, the season 8 of the famed American Idol crowned its newest singing sensation Kris Allen. All throughout the season, Kris slowly but surely rises to fame, but Adam Lambert showed much stronger force with his originality and vocal prowess. In the end, its America that has the final say.

Friday, May 15, 2009

ANGELS & DEMONS::Which Side are You?

A follow up movie to the 2006 controversial film The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons is the first adventure of symbolist Robert Langdon so this story is a prequel to the The Da Vinci Code.

A substance called antimatter which can erase the entire vatican in the world map was stolen at CERN. At Vatican, the pope died and a conclave is on going for the replacement of His Holiness. Four of the favorites to be elected to papacy are missing. The ancient group called 'Illuminati' seem to take its revenge to the church. Four cardinals to be castrated 4 hours before midnight each on four different locations across Rome following the path of Illumination, a sacred lair of the greatest minds in science who were once doomed by the catholic church as enemies. Symbolist Robert Langdon has to take on the clues hidden in the manuscript of Galileo as well as to the architectures to get into those churches to save the cardinals and eventually save the entire city from oblivion.

The movie is not faithful to the book. I read the book four times and i could safely say that there are some discrepancies in the movie version. Although i would understand that there are some cinematic license that would make the movie separate from its book , i could not take as to why some important facts and characters were thrown away just to save time in the movie version.

I still think the illuminati diamond idea is far better than the cross upside down as the fifth symbol. And whatever happen to the important character in the movie who was the instrument for the disclosure of the camerlengo as the brain of all the chaos? Koohler, the director was removed for some dumb reason, and oh, where's my favorite character, the witty BBC reporter Gunther Glick who in the book was everywhere and became an instrument for camerlengo Carlo to broadcast to the world and displayed his drama that God spoke to him as to where the canister was placed. And what a shame to have an elected pope not in the conclave in the first place. LOL.

If you find the movie Da Vinci Code so slow that it would take you to sleep with its long narrative, by far stretch Angels and Demons is faster with beautiful sequences and locations that give you an up tempo , but the narrative is still there. Imagine people on the run against the clock, still has the time to discuss the passages of the book or the architectures they passed by, although you could not blame it because they need it for the audience to understand the clues as well. For those who have not read the book, and are not into crazy conspiracies and religion versus science, its easy to get lost. Aint it cousin Debi?

For all its worth, those who love the book should at least try to get a peek to this movie version to see how Ron Howard made the movie version horrible at some point.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

DISCO: the way it used to be

I went home to bohol last May 1 to 4 to celebrate the fiesta in honor of our patron Sr. Sta Cruz, thanks to my beloved tl who managed to make a way to make my SIL possible, and of course to the two agents who gave their SIL to me RJ and joy.

One of the highlights in a barrio fiesta is the disco! I remember the days when fiesta came, we werelooking forward when the sun sets in and the disco lights started to dance and the music dominates the airwaves, we were on our best get up possible and ready to conquer not the bar but the tennis court fenced with a bamboo all around. With the not so cold san mig beer and some peanuts , we enjoyed the groove, the people, and the night in general under the lonely moon above.

Of course on my last homecoming, disco was there, not once but twice! *wink* , on the first night, that was the night before the fiesta. Me and my cousin, haha she doesnt want her name to be put in her, we went there, and join some folks in a table occupied by the kin of my big brother's wife. Well, we were just there looking around, checking on every person that entered the place , criticize their outfits, their moves and everything we could talk of just to pass the night and we noticed how cheap , oh uh sorry for the word, to be on the center to dance with the crowd, so we decided to just be contented with drinking our beers and enjoying the music and the conversation we had with our cousins, good looking they claimed, haha , jojo and patrick. well, we never saw anybody to match our genes , lol. We went home at around 2 am when our bodies were cringing to go to bed, never did our body groove to the music nor our feet made a single dance step. but somehow it was worth the visit on the place we once enjoyed in our yesteryears.

then came the fiesta night. we went to our cousin's house and there we had a drinking session and off we went to another disco fever , this time around near the school where i spent my elementary years. This time around, we dance! yes I did dance haha. together with my cousin jojo, patrick, audrey, geraldine and my classmate charles. Well there was a hotchick but it seemed that she is exclusive to another hotchick which charles failed to have a dance with no matter the effort to convince her.

The overflowing beer is courtesy of my cousin patrick, well fyi, he is from norway and he joined the audition for pbb and was shortlisted as finalist in bohol, hopefully he will make it to big bro's house. Going back to the beer, well my full tummy didnt quite hold all the fluid intake and made me vomit wherever possible. hows that! lol.

anyway, i enjoyed the night. we all enjoyed the night. A reminscent of the years i spent in bohol, cheap it may sound, but who the hell cares... we enjoyed, and the bonding we had with my cousins is a rare instance since we are separated miles apart... but Marian Debra Jamorol didnt dance...ooops, i mentioned her name...sorry!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


For all its intent and purpose, i am not in a way satisfied with this movie. I was hoping it would at least equalled if not surpassed what Sukod and Fengshui had achieved.

T2 is a story of a little girl who is turning 9 years old. She lost her parents while still young. her mother being one of the engkanto is set to get her as her birthday approaches. Then she met Claire (Maricel Soriano) an NGO volunteer who is tasked to take her to some relative.

I am so disgusted with the movie. Its not worth my bucks, i should have watched another movie instead. I assumed being a star cinema - chito rono tandem is backed, a top calibre horror film is in the offing, but it failed to give what sukob and fengshui did. If not of the great sound , i would have fallen asleep.

Due credit to the child actress on the film though.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

In Dilemma

There would always be a time in your life that we have to face a dilemma. Something that we have foolishly done that couldnt be rectify , and all we see is ourselves in the midst of trouble. Worst thing is that, we could not do anything but wait for what would be the outcome of the action we have done. There might be no bad intention on what we did, but the end really does not justify the means.

Yesterday, i have done something out of lapse of judgment or whatever the reason behind such idiotic action i did. And now i am facing a big trouble. In fact i learned about the mess that i made up created a big stir within my shift. Imagine taking calls at the same time, imagining how and why i was such a fool to make that mistake and how would i be able to get out of the chaos i indulge myself with. I thought of the possibilities of my action, and the worst possibility made me shiver in fear that my mind traveled to a different world while someone on the other end expressing his frustration and asking for some remedy. Thank God i came back to my senses before my customer started to become irate and i was able to help him with his concern.

The big problem now is i am not the only one affected with such crazy move. It would be alright if i could bear all the sanctions and punishment that this thing may lead to, i am worried much about the effect of this to someone whom i have a high respect. His such an innocent player in this foolish game that i started to play, and he should not suffer whatsoever. It would be more painful for me if someone else will be lashed for something that i did.

I hope that whatever be the outcome is, nobody will be affected on this. Not the one that has not shared the insanity of my action. Although i still wish that everything gonna turn out fine, slim chances it may seem, i am not losing hope, but if worst comes to worst, i should take all the consequences of this dilemma. Nobody should bear the burden of what i have done.

I am sorry, if i could turn back time, i wouldn’t have done it. It wasn’t my intention to put you in the situation where I should be responsible of. I know my apology would not change anything, but i am just hoping that you will know that it was an honest mistake.

Im so sorry.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Night with Aiman

Just after i woke up , i received a message from K-O-N-I haha. popularly known as Aiman!

Jr, naka bhouse? … 1:35 pm from Aiman

I told him i just woke up and might be going to church at 4oclock. he told me he might be coming , he will be with his mother in ayala and will drop by at my boarding house.

There you go, i heard the 4:00pm mass and then i went to ayala to shop a little. haha. well obviously “bench” is where i headed to. after buying a pair of pants, a bag and some bench body undies, had to drop by at the department store to buy some clothes. There was a little show there, live mannequins! watching in awe for those models beauty, i got a message from aiman again.

jr, nsks bhaus? hehe padung ko dha?

i told him im not in my boarding house, then i continued watching the models when someone tapped my back. Aiman he is!! couple of chit chats and then we were separated as we tried to buy some stuffs. After which we headed to my bhouse.

Just before we reach the boarding house, aiman ask for a drinking spree which i gladly accepted, afterall its been a long time since my body tasted beer. We put our stuffs unto my room then proceeded at the nearby convenience store for the drink.

We did had a great conversation about anything, oh, most of it was about our team! and then after two bottles, someone from his previous team joined in which later on went home ahead of us. And then another one came in, Ian, working as a chef in waterfront hotel, aiman’s fraternity brod.

Ian got the height and oh well a lovely face nonetheless. Seem harmless in anyway and friendly at that. we jive in easily as the beer-filled glass did a round robin in our lips. Then 2 more came in which made the night a bit more livelier. Well it seem that the night endles, however at around 1:30am we were tired and exhausted and decided to call it a night.

The three of us went to my room to end the night. Poor Ian, he must been dizzy that time as he laid down seconds after we hit the room. Aiman on the other hand was very much alive and kickin’ very typical of him. haha. still looking great with the black shirt he wore. no thanks to the tummy lolz.

Twas a great night indeed!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Thailands official entry to best foreign language category in Oscar 2009



Friday, September 26, 2008

TEAM OSPREY - a team like no other

"If its any consolation, this team was [is] the best team that i have the chance to be part of"
---Edgar Allan Niere: TOIC team Osprey

People coming from different places , each of different unique character of their own, shared the same passion, under the guidance of a great person, we eventually formed a solid group , a camaraderie tested by times and now is going into oblivion.

Here i am again sharing to you all as my heart bleeds for the team that i learned to loved. the teammates that i learned to enjoy the company. and the company that i will always treasure.

Sheryl Rose
I call her pokpok. hmmm literally and figuratively. haha kidding. this girl can bagged ms friendship award with no protest. surely she is a friend to evryone and sometimes she go overboard with her closeness to people that she would got an impression of being a playgirl - hence - my monicker for her: pokpok. But i would not deny that she is very nice girl to be with. no apprehensions and she will go with you thru ups and downs. very caring and could cheer you up everytime when life seems playing a cruel game on you. Thanks pok for everything youve done to me.
thats pokpok, caring, lovely, friendly

Karl Dedene
Very sweet girl possesing such perky voice and attitude. She would never feel exhausted all throughout the shift, at least thats my impression because she seem not be tired to be perky complete with a smile during the entirety of all her calls. but mind you, when she got something to rant about, she will do it in a manner like everyone would need to comment and discuss it till the wee hours. huh!!! super dedene she is!!! good luck future mom. i am sure you will become such a sweet mom to your future angel.
super dedene - perky - sweet - mom to be

Luigino Marcelo
Undeniably he learned fast considering his background with the business world, he quickly learned the trick of the trade in the call center industry, a talent that catapulted him to become the number 1 agent on the floor for the month of august. Although we rarely see him taking calls as he seem to be often absent more than being present, he still added a piece to make up the entire team osprey.
thats lui - businesman - fast learner - number 1

She indeed is worth a second look. Whats with her sexy body that would make you believe she hasnt bear a child yet, she maintains a figure so hot that would be an envy to every woman and a fantasy for each testosterone loving specie called men. Jacq-jacq sported a very complex mix personality. With her gift of gab and funny antics - she surely can bring you to cloud 9. Behind the laughs is a woman of pure heart that would melt dearly for a beloved friend. very emotional she is that she shed tears during our last GA.
thats marimar - funny - loving - emotional

This girl seems to be aloof and have distanced herself a bit from the team. I really could not figure out why. On the production floor, she had that mix persona of sweet yet strong enough to intimidate you, but she surely is a fine young woman. When she joined the last GA, she did shown to us that she can well mix with the group and enjoy our company
thats dona - mysterious - sweet - determined

Shao shao as what our team lead christened her. Very talented and she really shown effort to assemble the group and to have fun. She aint just for fun because she excell both in work and with the extra activities at the workplace. VCS Idol anyone?
thats shao shao - talented - friendly - high-achiever!

i wonder why our team lead is fond of giving a new name. anyways, tyn tyn used to be a close friend of mine but things changed that drifted us apart. We went on different directions quietly without prejudicing the harmony of the whole. After that she soar up and became one of team osprey's best agent. huh! come to think of it, i maybe the jinx in her life. hahaha
thats tyn tyn - achiever - friend - best

super hot momma she is! with touch of class and glamour, she can carry sexy outfit on the floor. She can give justice to every statement shirt we wears and looks hot. But she aint just a hot woman because she is also doing great with her craft.
thats lyar - sexy - hot - classy

Anna Marie
Bote is her family name. and as usual our team lead christened her with a new name and now she is officially called boat! Very weak and fragile by stature but determination is great that she can move mountains so to speak.
thats boat - silent - weak - determined

Ma. Asvi
I am not very close to this girl but i saw her a soft-spoken woman who just go with the flow and would not have any protest on whatever the group has come up with. basically a cool girl to hang.up with.
thats ass-V, cool - cool - cool

Very tough lady. determined and a strong woman. She maybe tough but she also has a soft side in her when it comes to friends and loveones. When she walks into the floor you would surely notice her especially if she deliver her infamous line "IN YOUR FACE SIR" a phrase that she only can deliver with much conviction and justice! POBRE MARALITA DUKHA WALANG PERA ! who else can say these words with great fluency and right timing other than her.
thats marsian strong - tough - determined

I dont know her that much but i know this woman has a good heart and a nice girl to reckon with
thats mommy gee - nice - kindhearted - mommy!

Marie Victoria
I despise her at times maybe because of her indifference or it maybe about me that doesnt fathom that dept of her personality, but she is very helpful to the entire team. Unselfish of her product knowledge, eager to learn and happy for others improvement. She walks the floor with authority and sophisticated glamour!
thats victoria - sophisticated - unselfish - knowledgeable

Mary Jane
She is a girl who is always smiling and has cool temperament. She is unselfish with her product knowledge and willing to support the entire group. Very great person to be with though she wont drink nor smoke she can tolerate the group and be with us till we call it a night. beat that!
thats MJ, supportive - kind - cool-tempered

Mommy cat is indeed gods gift to team osprey - she organized our outing - she lead us - she makes us laugh and everything in between. such a jolly person that you would not forget and would always have a special place in my heart.
thats mommy cat - leader - organizer - friend

Edgar Allan
And of course to my team lead. A very supportive, knowledgeable, cool and determined team leader. He handled the team of different personalities and able to make us bond and made the team an envy to the others.
thats niere - motivator - cool - best TL/SME

And we are now in a threshold of another horizon. A new place to conquer, yet our heart will always belong to Osprey the original - another batch of agent may compose the team , it cant be denied that they will always be a second best for there is only one best team in our hearts and its the team that we once belong.

Thank you team osprey for the colorful months we shared. for the experiences, for the laughters and tears. I could not make it without you all. EAch of you give significance into my first 6 months of my career as an agent. I will always treasure you all and you will always be a part of my life. thank you very much. This is not really goodbye but until then.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lucky 888

Another angel graced our clan. Unexpected it maybe at first but it always be a welcome addition. No regrets now that baby Arianna Danika is here. Just like when sugar came into this world, there were angst and pains associated with her coming, but it was erased as she first saw the light of this world. True enough baby Aya give us a repeat of what sugar had done into our lives. Happy moments are always here when an angel is coming.

When I saw the picture above, i was at my workstation and cant help but have a teary eyes. The matriarch of the clan in her second nonagenarian year, able to witness the coming of her 5th great grandchild. A perfect picture that is bound to become a classic in the years to come.

And so we continued to add a number to the list.

1. Allan Banac Salipong

2. Almie Jane Salipong-Carriedo

3. Gladys Joy Rebuta-Solera

4. Junn Rey Banac Salipong

5. Diadem Rose Jamorol-Fortunato

6. Marian Debra Banac Jamorol


7. Noremelle Banac Salipong

8. Alexander Salipong Carriedo

9. Angelique Salipong Carriedo

10. Psalm Ivanna Rebuta Solera

11. Arianna Danika Jamorol Fortunato

Welcome to the list baby Aya... you really deserved to be part of it. A clan of geniuses and the beautiful. beat that!


Friday, July 25, 2008

Ive been an avid fan of grisham since the first time i read his book - the client, and a couple of other books like the pelican brief and the testament. The latest i read is the book entitled the Partner, which i bought from National bookstore.

The Story
As usual grisham dealt with the judicial system where his main character is a lawyer who embezzled money in the sum of $90,000,000. Patrick S. Lanigan is his name, who faked his death. Nobody hinted that it was a fake death not until they found out that along with his death was the money gone to nowhere. Four years of search with three interested party is after of Patrick who now resides in a small town in Brazil under a new name Danilo Silva, a totally different man from Patrick. Danilo entrusted the money to a Eva Miranda also known as Leah Pires.

A dead man cant run forever,as the book catch phrase says. True enough, after being able to run away from his past for four years, Danilo was caught and was tortured and was in the center of the greatest trial that is about to take place. Danilo's lawyer is preparing for his defense, his loved one's are praying for him and his ex partner waiting to give out their revenge, but only Patrick knew he will win the battle, because nobody in the world knows what he knows...the truth...


The book is another masterpiece by grisham. Although he somewhat diverted from the usual handsome and hungry young lawyer in American judicial system, still the author gives you a breathtaking narrative into the adventure of Patrick/Danilo into maneuvering the legal system of America after carefully planning it for four years of running.

A must read for any bookworm out there and you might passed your sleeping hour just to finish reading the book till the end. Its plot, sub plots, twists and turns would take you off your seat as you continue to follow the travails of greatest white collared criminal of his time.

Read the book and be enthralled... Relax and enjoy.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Life at Call Center

I just recently signed my 4th month assesment for my performance at the call center where i am currently employed. So far so good. Been performing better compared to the heyday of my career as an agent. I managed to hit all my metrics and thankfully I am endorsed for regularization. Just an FYI, the 4th month assessment is one of the basis for our regularization, although there are still two months more for probation, i can now breath a few sigh of relief as I managed to perform and improved my craft each day. My team lead is now seriously pursuing to have a promotion for me, so he is pressuring me to do better, performed better and act in accordance to the code of conduct to make sure i am eligible for promotion, but the metrics this time around is higher and i am pressured to work harder too..HUH... but before going to the promotion thing., lemme share to you my observations and/or realization on the night mortals and the nocturnal world of call center.

first lets have some fun facts:

> call center agents are disoriented: it could be because we tend to incorporate the philippine time and US time...hmmm

> agent seem to have some hearing problem: hahah because agents usually are exposed to irate customer so we managed to become an expert to put their ventings into a deaf ear

> agents are on EOP (english only policy) even if talking to a "konduktor sa bus": hahaha well sometimes we tend to forget we are now beyond the 4 walls of the production floor, and still thinkin' that everyone we are talking to are americans.

> agents would call their midnight meal a lunch: well what else shall we call it than a lunch for our night are considered daytime.

> agent would still say goodnight when going to sleep even if its already morning: see above comment.

now lets take a look to some other observation in the call center world

< call center is now a new haven of gay religion: wherever you look at it, left to right you could see at least one gay agent. These mortals ranges from different categories. Those who are gays in the truest sense of the word: crossdressers, wearing make up, who acts and feel like they are women trapped in a man's body.; there are those who are proud of their sexuality but are decent enough to wear what is due to wear for their gender; there are also those who tried to cover up their true colors but their vanity and choice of words can lead up to conclusion that they belong to the third sex; still there are those whom you cant see any trace of being gay but you will soon found out somewhere outside the workplace holding hands with the same sex; and most of all there are those men who are men by heart but are weak enough to give in to the request of the third sex to get laid.

< the call center world is a domain of people with super "tupperware" attitude, in short, plastic. Well i admit we need to be perky and some kind of cheesy with lots of sweet toppings to our customer to be able to build rapport and have the customer feel satisfied with the service we gave, but agents usually failed to depart personal lives from the conversations we had with our customers. An attitude that is kept hidden in the name of the word professionalism, but then again, i cant help but noticed it.. INasmuch as I want to believe that in the company i am employed at, there is no politics, but i could sense something else.. huh

< contrary to everyone's thinking about call center, big bucks is not as easy as it seems to be. Yes, we are compensated higher and better than the other industries around, but our work being on a graveyard shift is not that easy. sigh.


Well i dont see myself getting old with this industry. but hopefully i could spend more years here before i could settle down and comfortably sitting on a couch and enjoyed the fruits of my labor. God bless all the call center agents around. You all deserved an applause.


Saturday, July 05, 2008


Nobody can ever promise you that they will never hurt you., because at one point in time, it will happen... its just a matter of ....WHEN.*********

Friendship gone sour you may call it but literally with its goodbye there lies reasons. Theres an end in everything, you dont know WHEN. Just be ready to accept the fact that the only thing permanent in this world is change.

At first i thought my friendship with borj will be forever, but then we had gone into a crossroad where he had to prioritize someone in his life, well it doesnt mean i guess that i aint important nor special, its just that he really needs to choose over love and friendship., naturally the former has the advantage. And there ends the beautiful music we had. call it priority.

Then my friendship with jelson next. Hmmm . I may not consider it the best of friendship that i had, but then i had a high respect on him before everything was unravelled into the real world. Friendship mixed with jealousy and pride has nowhere to go but to the garbage bin. call it INSECURITY.

Now here comes another friendship in about to go into oblivion. Just a quick recap, this friendship has gone into a roller coaster ride with times. There was a time when we lost contact only met again in the clan we used to be part of. Then back to out of the world contact until i found myself here in cebu and brought up the idea of him coming over. And the rest as they say is history....

Now barely less than 3 mos., were now closing our chapter together. Moving apart into a separate direction to move into ones vision, guided by principle and desire to achieve one's goal. We may not be on the same page now, i have come to realize that its indeed a great way for me to avoid completely hating the person that he now become. Afterall, i still wanted to cherish the good old days we have... now what do you call it... its for you to give a word...Freedom from bondage...


Freedom is something everyone wants to have at some point in time, but then, we cant remain free anyway... because one day we'll realize that to be with someone is much better than freedom itself.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Insensitive . . . Imaginative . . . Speculative . . . WTF?

Am I that bad when all I did was to teach him somehow that life isnt all a bed of roses, that he needs to give up some little luxuries in life for the meantime just to be able to survive in the jungle of life? Am i being unfair when i deprived the hard earned peso for food just because i thought he need to know how it is to save money?

From the very beginning i have told him that i wont be dictating his life , i wont even be involve when it comes to his finances, he has all the freedom in the world to do what he wanted to do in his life as long as he wont compromise mine., that is the set up. I just let the way things go into its own way. Observing things the way it unravels from day to day. I kept my words, i wont hinder him as to what he wanted to do with his life, when he got his money, he went all the way to spend it like a millionaire, and at the end of it all it ended up asking me for food? WTF? I never give in anyway, but lately he has been into a sudden change of state. Well then i dont know how far he has gone in his way to millions , i dont even care about it anyway, one thing for sure, i am still wishing him to reach his goal of going here in cebu in the first place. I hope he didnt forget his main purpose of goin here. One last thing, hopefully, i hope i am just too imaginative and speculative on the way things are going... i hope... i hope...

God bless.
Im Sorry But You dont Impressed me Much!

Why are people resort to daydreaming? ... is it because they can temporarily escape from the harsh reality of the world? or is it that they just wanted to create a new world of their own? or just to fulfill their fantasies? No harm in daydreaming i guess, nothings wrong about it... wrong comes when they tried to incorporate it into reality and becomes a lie.

Why do people have to lie then? to cover up for their weaknesses? to fool someone else? or just to impress the world !!?

Lies and hypocrisy may be the best thing that Jelson have mastered in his lifetime. Creating lies to take advantage of someone else, or simply telling lies just to make an impression that he indeed made a niche in this jungle of life.

When i was still in Davao, he went here in Cebu to have a new life as he claimed then, he was telling me he became a call center agent in one of the countless contact centers in metro cebu, an achievement indeed for someone who was only an internet attendant back in davao. I was happy for such achievement he made. No insecurity because i thought by then that he indeed deserve such.

It so happened that fate lead me to the queen city of the south, and also became part of the workforce in one of the prestigious call center around. Because of the new development, Jelson had to make a move and thus tried to penetrate in the company that i worked with, unfortunately he doesn't deserve to be in the company in the first place, beside his grammar that is flying everywhere, his communication skills is way below the standard of the company, thus he never succeeded in the process. What else then his next move be than to make people believe he got into a work in a company he thinks would outdo my current company.

Why is he doing this? why is he trying to compete with me when i myself is happy whatever his achievements would be?

Fate indeed made its move and discoveries comes one after another. For once he never became an agent in any contact center around. Give me your proof dude if you have one.... And the his current company, which he proudly showed his temporary ID, (well only the picture part, covering the name of the company) which later on i have discovered that indeed he is not a lexmark employee but just a lowly paid employee in one of the store in ayala center. Oh well its in ayala , thats the only thing that he was concise in his story. Accordingly a two month probationary employee who defended himself in the board meeting thats why he is being sent to Manila, something that his co.employee got envied to. What the heck man!?

Again, you never impressed me much dude! you got to make it more credible next time? but just an friendly advise, be true , be good and be gentle!

If you happen to read this one, you can actually disputes everything but give me a proof man and i will retract everything here. IF indeed you worked in a call center, show me your employment certificate, if you say you had an AWOL, show me your ID then... in that case i wont be getting any help from others to make my stories credible, im just putting every piece of the puzzle to complete my theory.

Just the same, i regret knowing you.... the greatest liar and hypocrite of all. You said im the worst among the worst that you've met, what else then can i call you? You said im a devil to your friend who happen to be with me as of the moment, then let it be. I really dont care if you convince him to get out and make a life outside from my world, id be happy if he can do that, at least i have done my part to help.

but then again, act to where you are situated. Dont pretend to be on someone else's level if you havent gone that far.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Im Officially a Call boy Now

When the sudden turn of event prompted me to decide to seek for a greener pasture, i found myself here in cebu, a new place to explore, a new horizon to conquer. The new experience wasnt that as easy as it seemed to be. I thought everything's gonna be alright, everything will smoothly go into placed but it turned out the other way around.

I was then literally struglling during the first two months here, stretching every peso i have in my savings just to survive longer. I lived alone, and all the friends seemed to have forgotten me during those trying times. I even question if God is there. The struggles seemed endless and i was on my way of giving up, but there is this instinct in me that somehow along the way i could find my place here in cebu.

Days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months, still there was no sign of progress, i literally struggled emotionally and financially. Eventually im beginning to feel deteriorating.

As it happened, fate lead me to this trade that nowadays is very rampant. An abnormal life awaits me here, but i dared to belong.

Officially, last March 3, 2008, i became a call boy. Abnormal schedule as I will be working during night time and i used my daytime in bed. But with the less ordinary lifestyle it is, comes the perks associated with the job. Performance based it is. I earned more as i performed better, and literally im earning more than half of what i earned before.

With the above facts, im determined to be in this trade for quite a long time until i earned enough for me to live a more comfortable life.

At the end of the day, when my body is due to have its rest, i have made a niche in the industry that i learned to love...

Im a call boy... and im proud of being one...

Yeah... god bless your naughty mind...

"Thank you for reading, have a nice day!!!"

Now you know....

Friday, January 11, 2008

Will it be Goodbye Davao?

Change is inevitable in one's life. It happen in a blink of an eye without you thinking about it or even in your wildest dreams it never occured. It could also be an anticipated event that somehow made you become ready of the twist of situation.

I ended my year 2007 but with a heavy heart for I have made a great decision to somehow leap on the another part of the country. A sudden unexpected turn out of fate's play happened and I have found myself waving goodbye for Metro Davao for the moment.

I greeted the new year with a bang at my hometown in Bohol. Another twist came into the picture last wednesday in the evening when I receive a call for an exam in the queen city of the south.

Eager. Anxious were some of the mixed emotions I had as the ship carried me last night going here. And there you go, I indulge myself in what have been a tiresome and stressful day ever i had for the year 2008.

First stop: a three part examination each would be a disqualifying round. The first part was so nervous breaking as it was tricky and kinda hard part. But we all 15 have passed. Second part made us smile as we scribbled our answers in a blink of an eye. Third part was a so-so part and then we were called one by one for the first interview. Each interview being a disqualifying round too. And at the end of the third interview, oh yes ! i managed to reached that far, i found myself alone with my comrades all have gone to nowhere.

Now I have just signed a contract for a 10 day program which will hopefully lead me to be officially part of the company i have applied to.

Good luck to me.

To God be the Glory

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

I will Miss You Ron

I got a call early in the morning from Joan, Ronilio's wife saying that the latter was rushed to the hospital for immediate medication. I really didnt know that it was that serious, i just thought twas only something of a minor injury or something. It turned out to be our company driver Ronilio admitted to the intensive care unit at Davao medical Center.

I dont know exactly the diagnosis but as of my understanding, he was overdozed from drinking too much alcohol which affected his braincells. It can be recalled that yesterday December 16, 2007 was his birthday and a day before, thats saturday they were already enjoying over a bottle of redhorse here at the office all the way till night with Charles. I did not join them because i went to the midnight sale at the mall.

Yesterday i sent him an SMS message in the morning to greet him on his natal day. Accordingly, they were drinking the whole day that led to his hospitalization early this morning.

And now a bad news came into the office from our boss.

Ronilio is gone.

For once let me tell the whole world how this guy is being loved by everyone in the office.

He is the only person who understand every mood swing i may have. He is the only person that would change my mood. The only person that could put back the smile in my lips whenever im being cramped with loads of works and pressures.

For sure ill gonna miss this guy.

Ron I hope you will be happy to wherever you are.

Until Then


Friday, December 14, 2007

Dona Corazon Phenomenal Comeback

Who never knew Doña Corazon vda de Berenguer, a popular character in the soap opera Maging Sino Ka Man ably portrayed by seasoned actress Chin Chin Guttierez... And now with the book 2 of the series... she never failed to get into the spotlight...!

Sunday, November 25, 2007


I thought that my saturday night would be just another typical night back at home. When i went out from the office, twas around 5:30 in the afternoon. When i reach home, i got a message from Charles. FYI this guy is on stowaway since thursday for reasons we dont know about. He asked to borrow for a money because accordingly he's very hungry.

Out of my curiosity to know his reasons for doing it, and also my being a kind hearted fellow especially to someone who became close to my heart back at work, i fetched him up at Roxas.

Gone were the stylish Charles that i know of. Gone were the baby Carlos' great aura that i became a fan of back at work. Donning his yellow polo shirt, he approached me and gave me a tight hug with a wry smile. A smile that symbolized tiredness and emptiness. I smell liquor on his breath.

"Why are you doing this?" was all i could utter as I embraced him once more.
"Im tired of my life, I am not happy anymore, i want to be set free, i want to go back to Manila" the very first lines he uttered.

If thats what you want then why the hell you are doing this, why not speak your mind out... Thats what i told him as we were looking for a place to dine in. In our walk, we passed by Malativas Restaurant in Bonifacio, there we go, had our dinner.

After the dinner we sang our hearts out over a bottle of Red Horse. Yeah we did sing even if our voices were as bad as you can imagine. At the other table were groups of friends who were all good singers but still we manage to get our own doze of fun with our songs. I remember we sang together Wherever you will Go, Say That You Love Me and other couple of songs. People were giving us an unusual stares with our unusual sweetness together. Oh well damn naughty people's mind.

We then headed to their house to drop something there and off we walk by the empty streets along Villamor. With our woobly walk and dizzy mindsets, he was holding me up shoulder to somehow get a balance, while i was just supporting my other should unto his back oh well butt it is. Haha the butt that i got envy with. Wishing it was mine. A perfect butt indeed. Anyway, along our way a habal habal passed by where we got a ride. On our ride he was starting to kiss me over my neck then to my ears. Oh uh what the hell is he doing!? Then i tried to stop him as i look at him but i was stunned as his lips touched mine. I dont know what to do, i just thought it might be a great adventure to be kissing someone riding a motorcycle along the streets of metro davao, and to top it all he is a HE. Imagine the adventure. Oh yes, i gave back the kisses as we savour the sweetness of this saliva exchange act that is so called torrid kiss....

.... i woke up in my birthday suit in an unfamiliar territory. Charles wasnt with me anymore, he have flown to nowhere. I am in room 422 of Sampaguita Inn. HUH. What the hell happened last night?!?

AS OF THIS WRITING... Baby Carlos isnt home yet, he is not communicating with me either... I just wish him all the best

November 25, 2007 in All about life's ir

Thursday, November 22, 2007


I watched the movie One More Chance last night at Gaisano Mall here in Metro Davao and i just cant help but appreciate the in-depth acting of its main stars John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo so with the supporting casts like Dimples Romana and the beautiful Maja Salvador. Even newbie star like PBB season 2 big winner Bea Saw gave nice performance considering her being a neophyte in acting.

Anyway aside from the acting, the story too is weaved neatly and was presented a comic manner but sensible enough to tickle your emotions when the situation arises. Credit to its director for polishing the film in a way not to let the audience sleep off their seat.

Most noticeably were the great lines from the characters that bound to be a classic in the years to come.

Mahal na mahal pa rin kita... kahit masakit na!!!

That line coming from John Lloyd's character ably portrayed by him through the help of his pleading almond eyes struck me first in that movie. I could never fathom the depth of the emotion he showed but one thing for sure, the line is very true. There would come a time in your life that no matter how hurt you are you still had the hope that one day all the pains will be worth it and in the process you continue loving and yet you are in pain.

ako naman ang ay gusto nito diba? bakit ang sakit sakit? ang totoo umaasa pa rin ako na sasabihin mo sa akin na ako pa rin, ako na lang, ako na lang ulitt

The hope that you are still the one in someone elses heart is but a torture in itself. Will I have the courage to do the same act? huh...

She loved me at my worst, you had me at my best... but you chose to break my heart

Borrowing from popoy's words to his friend rick, siguro nawawala sa atin ang mga minamahal natin ng totoo dahil alam ng diyos na may bagong darating na mamahalin tayo. When someone broke your heart it doesnt mean its the end of everything, its just a start of a new beginning, but we cant help but look at how the relationship went over the years and it will end it that very moment, its a mix emotion, but as i said, theres someone taking over.

if kaya pang ausin pipilitin, but if this is really what both of you need then just be strong. magiging mahirap at masakit pEro hopefully all the pain will be worth it.

If a relationship is going nowhere, a mediator should be there at least give shed on the gray areas of the situation, and if it wont be fixed then its time to say goodbye... How could bear the pain of saying goodbye? huh!

"dont feel sorry for loving yourself a little bit more?"

But how can i not be sorry if the small space intended for loving myself more became a universal space to roam around and in the process i lost and found another mortals but still the heart belongs to someone whom i lost my sight with... HOW?

The well executed scene for me the entirety of the movie is when Trisha felt its time to let go of Popoy because she knew deep within her that the latter still has a feeling for Basha

TRISHA: Mahal mo ba ako ?
POPOY: OO naman
TRISHA: Mahal mo ba sya?
POPOY: Ayaw kitang makitang masasaktan
Trisha put her hands to Popoys eyes and let it close
TRISHA: para hindi mo makita kung sakaling masasaktan ako... Mahal mo ba sya?
With eyes close, in very heartwarming acting ever portrayed by John Lloyd cruz for Popoys character
POPOY: Im sorry trisha...

then trisha shed tears that broke my very own heart... I was teary eyed. haha. that would make me less of a man for some, but i dont care less.

I would like to end this entry with a line from trisha


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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Lobo Trailer! - Angel Locsin AND Piolo Pascual

The very first trailer of the much awaited teleserye of Angel Locsin together with Piolo Pascual after the former transfered from GMA7 to ABSCBN. Is this project worth her transfer considering that she was then the queen in the kapuso network primetime block? Much to be seen for this seemingly interesting project. Many loved the teaser, hopefully they can sustain the interest of the viewing public comes the actual exhibition of this on primetime of ABSCBN...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

GMA Pardons Erap

And so the Philippines made again a new chapter in its fledgling democracy as the most powerful person in the land granted an executive pardon to the deposed president who was convicted of plunder.

The recent turn around of this political bruhahaha has stunned the filipinos anew and some questioned the perfect timing of the presidential pardon.

Is this being use to divert the attention of the filipino people from the issues that the current administration is facing? The broadband deal isn't finish yet, and the glorietta bombing has been pinpointed to the administration plot, courtesy of Senator Trillanes. The political killings might not be in the papers nowadays but still its an unresolved issues concerning the PGMA presidency and so does a couple of other scandals and controversy.

Now going back to the pardon, several groups are protesting. Ex president Fidel V. Ramos isnt happy about it. A group called of NOPE ( NO Pardon for Erap) movement has voice out its sentiments over the issue, the MBC (Makati Business club) is airing its disagreement, but then what can they do? The president has already given the pardon and was already handed down through her official spokeperson, its now on the erap camp to take the pardon to make it official.

At the end of the day i could personally see a motive behind this gesture of the president. This woman president is all set to make her stay until 2010 on her seat and she's doing everything she could do to make it a reality. And perhaps this is one of her way of ensuring it. Besides, giving a pardon to the deposed president would mean that her presidency is legitimate as only the president has the power to give the pardon, and so it does happen now , erap is already technically accepting the legitimacy of the Arroyo government, much to the big grin of the palace!!! They won the battle afterall.

The senate drama, an abrupted impeachment, the eviction of Estrada from Malacanang Palace, the rise of power of the second woman president, the trial of the century of Estrada, the conviction of the ex president for plunder, and now the executive clemency , whats next to this unending political drama?

Where will the Philippines go?

Juan de la Cruz alam mo pa ba ang nangyayari sa iyong bansa?

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The week that was

Even the frequent outpouring of rains during night times in the metro did not stop my adventures and misadventures the last week. ONly now did i realized that the past week was a bit of a full load of different personas and adventures we were on.

I startted the week with a birthday celebration. Hehe no i am not the one celebrating my natal day, it was someone else, i opted to attend the celebration than to accept Harry's invitation to have a drinking spree with his cousins and a couple of other guys at Jacinto.

Tuesday came and i just learned that LR comes home here in Davao. Off from his work in Manila as he is now connected with the Ayala Foundation. Its been years since i have seen this friend of mine whom we calls each other "baby brow". Well then i went up to his room to fetched him up for another round of boys night out. And to add spice to our night, we invited harry to join us which the latter gladly accepted and before we knew it, there he came in his casual attire. huh!

It was in wednesday that i told myself to relax since its been two straight nights of alcohol controlled body haha. But then I have to be with Jong to have some sort of relief, alcohol free night. And it was indeed a relaxing night for me.

Friday came and movies was our trip. Along with Harry , Jairus and Jhun we headed to SM cinema and catch the movie "the seeker" . The movie was kinda boring one but we managed to stay till the very end. And liven up our spirit, we headed to pink and blue bar in Rizal promenade for our videoke and drinking sessions. The singing champions we were as we dominated the bar anew.

Away from the sights and sounds of the bar, we opted to feel a sense of serenity at the seawall where we had a great conversation about life under the moonlit sky with the ghostly sea witnessing our exhausted souls.

A hot coffee at Dunkin Donuts in San Pedro was our final destination before we call it a night er a day!

And to capped the weeklong adventures with a bang, we invaded Kaputian beach in Samal for an overnight fun. Its triple b treat there...bodies , beer and oh uh the beach... oh well let me add another B... but its better left unsaid...

Friday, October 12, 2007


Yesterday, i had a chance to catch some daytime television programs since it was a holiday. One particular program that caught me up hooking on the boobtube is the controversial noontime show Wowowee. How is it doing after the "technical glitch" that occurred.

Well, its business as usual for the show. It started with its usual high note of music fun and laughters. A dance revolution with the dance royalties and then a "beat that" portion where the dancers displayed tricks and stunts competing each other. Obviously the more popular tandem of Luningning and Mariposa got the nod of the viewers. Afterwhich they acknowledge each set of studio audience positioned round the studio with the female co host as well as the popular dancers doing the hosting chores. The fun continued with their Sayaw Darling segment, looking for studio audience who can show their dancing er comic skills to get the nod of Willie to be part of the "Bigaten"

After the opening extravaganza, comes another phase of the show, in their first game segment called Willie of Fortune, it features father and son or daughter / mother and son / daughter tandem who happen to have the same birthday. In this segment, a sudden change emotion will occur as the viewers are treated into a rollercoaster of emotions. One time you will cry as the contestants share life's cruelty and in an instant you will laugh at their tactfullness especially those children when asked about their message to their parent. One kid ask her mother to let her play outside, such a humble request that made the entire studio burst into laughter at the same time , amused with the kid's simplicity and candidness.

The same portion is stretched too long that in the end you will lose your concentration especially with that unholy hour wherein your eyes beg to close for an afternoon nap.

All in all, i would still choose to watch this program over the other noontime show precisely because it showcases ordinary lives that in one way or the other became an inspiration to everyone. The show gave you the total entertainment possible.

You call me cheap. okay, but then i would still be a wowowee fanatic!!!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


jay im engage!!! ... kaw ang una ako gisultian...

that was a part of jasmin's (aka raye) message to me the other night. A mix reaction came into my senses as i read the message. The memoirs of the past suddenly brought back into my mind and without me knowing i was keying my phone with my friend jong sitting behind reading my message...

Whose the lucky guy? and she eagerly replied... Si Eugene gud. Oh well they survived afterall with there shaky relationship.

She added that she isnt sure of her decision and was asking if she has been right since she is already on the right age.

"Here i am again, im not sure of myself, and still its you whom i confided with"

I was advising her that if she really love the guy then she should go what her hearts tells her. She has a stable job already, i dont know about the guy , i hardly knew him, but then again, the fact that they survived this far means something, so i urged her to do what her hearts desired.

In the course of our message exchange she said...

"Of course part ka na sa buhay ko. Di na mausob pa. Unya di masyadong halata na a special ka , mao gani la naku gi.schedule ug june kay basin matinga ka na dili ikaw ang groom..."

Hahha.. still the same raye that she is... i wish her all the best...

Congratulations jasmin... you too will always be a part of me.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Is Cory Aquino a slut?

Just after "Desperate Houswives" slur on medical school in the philippines, another joke which does not fit to the filipinos spread like a wildfire over the internet. The Daily Show features about america being ready for a woman president, and in the feature were a list of women leaders in the country including Cory Aquino where they put a SLUT remark on the photo of the former president.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Christian Bautista: Lupang Hinirang Blooper

A sorry performance for the asia's pop idol Christian Bautista... He missed a line on end part as he sang the Philippine national anthem. Too bad... But what is admirable for him is that he handled the situation professionally with much confidence as he vow down to the people in the arena...and later on apologizes to the filipino on air as he was interviewed by a news reporter... Good luck Christian!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


And so the Philippines once again made another first in its history as it convicted a former president to a life imprisonment!!!

Yesterday, the special division of the Sandigan Bayan had given its verdict after six years of trial for plunder and perjury against the deposed president Joseph Ejercito Estrada also known as ERAP along with his son Jinggoy and Atty Serapio among others.

Erap was acquitted of the charges of perjury so with Jinggoy and Atty Serapio for plunder but the erstwhile president of the republic was convicted for plunder in the criminal case 26558 and was sentenced to a reclusion perpetua.

The 70 year old former president was quoted saying the court was created to convict him while his lawyers were bringing along with them a book of famous trials saying that a special court is a victor's justice, meaning all cases which were under a special court, a conviction was given sighting from the time of Jesus down to the present times.

But the stockmarket has made a positive move right after the conviction. Peso gains ground against dollars signifying confidence of investors again in the Philippines after this turmoil...

While the showbiz has been giving moral support for Erap, a low turn out of pro Erap supporters were there at the SandiganBayan, about 400 contrary to the expected 4,000 says one thing or another.

At the end of the day, what is positive about this page in history is that, we have shown to the world, the no one is above the law!!!

God bless the philippines.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Beauty Pageant Boo-Boos

Host: What was the very first gift that you gave to your girlfriend?
Male Contestant: Uhmm... taptoy.
Host: What taptoy?
Male Contestant: Taptoy na teddy bird.

Host: What's your ideal age for marriage?
Girl: Uhmm... I am not sure...
Host: Hindi... Kunwari ikaw, more or less...?
Girl: Uhmm... more.
(crowd booing...)
Sige, Sige... Less, less

Host: If you had a foreigner friend, where will you bring him to
showcase the beauty of the Philippines?
Girl Contestant: Bocaue.
Host: Bocaue...? Why Bocaue?
Girl: Because it's a magnificent place.
Host: Which part of Bocaue?
Girl: The Bocaue Rice Terraces.
(Banawe kaya 'yon!)

Host: Who's your favorite author?
Contestant: Danielle Steele.
Host: Why Danielle Steele?
Contestant: Because... because Danielle Steele, I like best. Thank

Host: How would you like me to address you?
Contestant: My address is Project 8, Quezon City.

Host: What is your best feature?
Contestant: My graduation feature.

Host: So tell us, why did you join this contest?
Contestant: Me? Join this contest? Why did I... That's all. Thank you!

Host: What do you want to be after you graduate?
Contestant: I want to be a successful Medicine.

Host: Hindi ito boob... hindi ito tube... Pero tinatawag itong
boobtube. Ano ito?
Contestant: BRA!

Host: What would you like to say to foreigners?
Contestant: Please come back.

Host: What is your typical day?
Contestant: I think Saturday po!

(Gay Contest)
Host: Ano ang advantage mo sa ibang contestant?
Gay Contestant: I think and believe na bilang isang bading...
...Ano nga po ulit yung question?

Host: Which part of your body is your best asset?
Contestant: (believe it or not she answered) ...Si Melanie Marquez po!

Host: What is your favorite motto?
Contestant: (after a long pause) I don't have a motto eh.
(so the crowd starts helping her out. the crowd started saying, "Time is
gold! Time is gold!")
Contestant: I have na po. Chinese gold!

Host: If you were to describe the color blue to a blind person, how
would you do it?
Contestant: That's a very good question. Keep it up. (then the girl
turns and walks away.)

Host: Who is your favorite fictional character?
Girl: JOSE RIZAL! (crowd starts laughing.)
Host: Who is your favorite hero then?
Girl: Hulk Hogan.

Host: If you were to become a superhero, what would your power be?
Girl Contestant: Uhmm... bumble bee!

Host: What is your edge over the other contestants?
Girl Contestant: My edge is 23 years old.

Host: What, in your opinion, is the ideal age for marriage?
Girl: Between 24 and 25!

Host: How do you see yourself 10 years from now?
Girl: I'll be 28.

Host: Describe your special someone in three words.
Girl: Kahit nga po 1 word, kaya ko.
Host: Ok, sige...
Girl: In one word... MY LIFE!

Host: If you were given any special power, what would it be?
Girl: Power of Attorney!

Host: So you like reading, who's your favorite author?
Girl: Uhmm, Shakespeare.
Host: What works of Shakespeare?
Girl: Hindi ko po alam eh.
Host: But he's your favorite...?
Girl: Eh... kasi patay na sya eh.

Host: What is the biggest problem facing the youth today?
Host: Why?
Girl: Mahal eh!

Host: Hey, I heard you almost didn't make it, how did you get here?
Did you ride or did you walk?
Gay Contestant: Of course, did you ride. What do you think of me, did
you walk?


Friday, August 24, 2007

Wowowee Controversy Explanation

A video that may somehow give light to the recent "scam" on the noontime show WOWOWEE over ABSCBN... We hope staff will soon give their side so that speculations of scam will be explained and eliminated thereafter...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Manny Poohquiao

Impersonator of Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao as seen on the tv show WOWOWEE on ABS-CBN2

Friday, August 10, 2007


Last night, i received a message on my mobile telling me that smart unlimited text service is back, and true enough i manage to register even if it was beyond 5pm cut-off time.

To make use or say abuse the unlimited service, i forwarded a message to everyone on my phonebook with something like this:
"If youre given a chance to ask me one controversial question , what would it be"

The responses were enourmous with random questions that includes safe questions like

sino ka date mo ngayon
(who is your date now)

to some inane questions like why a building is called as such when it is already built? there is even a response that says... "did you love me?" , that coming from someone i just meet once. hehe

All throughout the responses, there have been quite a few controversial and mischievous questions being thrown unto me... Questions like

Are you gay?
May experience ka na ba?
( Do you already have an experience?),
Naga fuck ka ba? (Do you fuck?) the question being referred to as sex with the same sex.

One predominant question of all which i was caught offguard was the question of virginity....

Virgin ka pa ba? ( Are you still a virgin?)
Sino nakadivirginize sa yo (Who divirginize you?)
Pwede ba kitang i divirginize (Can i divirginize you?)
What age did you lost your virginity...

These questions brought me back to my high school days where i first had this so called sex...

shivering ... anxious ... afraid... mixed emotions of a boy whose eyes glowed in horror as the predator feasted on his innocent raw body...

Just one of the things found on my closet... hahayzzzzzzzzzz

Thursday, August 02, 2007


Watch this video clip spoofing former philippines first lady Imelda Marcos... This is hilarious, very good for starting your day with a laugh...

Friday, July 27, 2007

Filipino Prisoners are back: Jumbo Hotdog!

Cant get enough of the filipino prisoner's groove...heres another clip for you


Who says prisoner cant do good... think again... look at this video that rock the entire world in awe...worthy to be part of guiness world record

Sister Act

Prisoners in Cebu City do the sister Act... Pretty amusing!!! watch the vids folks

Prison Thriller

See this awesome video,,,proudly pinoy!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007


Kanipaan Drive where we rock and roll with the music.......


Kanipaan Drive Happy Nights with the Ironic Batch 97 to capped the first day of our week long reunion

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Holy Mass - Floating Restaurant - Busai Falls - Loktob Swimming and Kanipaan Drive videoke

Day 1 of our Panagtapok 2007


as we invaded pamilacan island


pamilacan island invasion


Panagtapok 07 day 2

Thursday, June 28, 2007


The current season of the reality tv show Pinoy Big brother is now into its final days... or it could be the whole franchise might be in its final run because of the controversies the show got in the entirety of its second season run.

ONE particular controversy involved the so called "favorite" of the show's business head. INfamous of her tactless yet without breeding comments and reaction after the face to face nomination , housemate wendy got the ire of the viewing public and everywhere in pbb forums, hate mails and spam mails circulated like a wildfire. It can be recalled that this housemate was already evicted from the house but was returned, no thanks, to their "BALIK BAHAY" twist.

The subscribers of PBB 24/7 on the net are also complaining because two cameras being livestreamed online always focuses on wendy adding to the already built up notion that this housemate is big brother's favorite.

One eviction put the viewers in rage when a public darling housemate nel became a sacrificial lamb to 'save' housemate wendy. Comparing the status of the two, the former being loved by the masses because of his sense of humor and good attitude while the latter, being hated for her uncalled for behavior, who would not raised their eyebrows to hell when Nel was voted out in favor of wendy?

Then last night was the night everyone was looking forward to. Everyone hoped that of the five remaining housemate, surely wendy will be eliminated from the big 4. But the final eviction was the other way around. The showbiz son "Bodie" was evicted and wendy again was safe and became part of season 2's BIG four.

The people at the eviction hall were shouting 'WENDY LABAS WENDY" (out wendy out) showing their disagreement on the latest turn of event.

Now that wendy is part of the big four, a possibility of her emerging as the big winner is not a a farfetched scenario. The fans are crossing their fingers and are hoping she wont win or else, legions of followers of the pbb might nowhere to be found in the next season of the show if there would be...

A "booo" for wendy is in the offing comes the big night at the big dome. Something to look forward to...

as of now, we just have to sigh...

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

One Piece Opening 1-6

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Million Thanks to You

Barely a week after i celebrated my birthday, I would like to thank the people who have remembered and sent their greetings and well wishes.

To my aunt te dadz and ate tita, to my cuzn shoy, debi and dian and to my sister , thank you ...

From the ironic community
To alkim, for the being first one to greet. Thank you very much. You will always be special.
To Rosal, my everydearest, all time partner in every dance during my elementary years, thank you very much girl, thank you again for the board shorts...
To Jo Stephen, thank you do. you woke me up in the morning just to greet and ask for redhorse, you made me smile...
To my everdearest cathy, you rock girl!!!
To the beautiful dayen, thank you for the messages, for the long midnight txt hehehe, that somehow became my sleeping pills
To my bedimpled friend Mark Michael, thank you very much
To the ironic girls, the sexy mayella, ate che, to the demure yet sensual gracey, to the now grown up tweety jhazmin, to chie, to stella, to a good fellow marlan, my kababayan jake, to the strictly elegant maam emily, to momie cata extend my hugs to baby marga, to my bohol partner in crime sam thank you very much for the company, thank you ironics for making me special... you are the best...as your common words..."TAGAY NA"

From the office
To Rose, to ronie, to the outrageously handsome hehe charles and of course to sir tonton, sir nelson thank you... and to maam christy for cooking the lunch and for the sumptuous afternoon snack complete with ice cream...thanks so much

from the friendster world...
to my all time favorite jelson, for the message and for everything ...you know you will always have a special place in my heart... good luck in everything you do... see you around.
to shoti, for the greetings...
again to dayen , mak mak and rosal... thanks ironics
and also to jaime for the unexpected message....
to neil john...thank you.
and to raye for still remembering my day....

from the yahoo messenger...
thanks to Sir allan george of Johnny Air, to Christian Andrew

to Dondie Mark, thank you.

And to all those whom i failed to mention, thank you very much... i love you all...

Monday, April 23, 2007

The Philippines in the world!

The tv reality phenomenon in the world had conquered the philippines way back in 2005. And now the phenomenon is back with the season 2 of Pinoy Big brother, a franchise of the hit reality show from Endemol. Its current season boast of different twists and highlights that made filipinos hooked to the boobtube and even others had their 24/7 on the net and skycable. Just this week, a new twist spins off in the show via the big brother swap, a housemate from the pinoy big brother is being traded for a week from a housemate in Big brother slovenia. Who would not feel excited about the clashing of two cultures in two different houses. The basketball hunk of Pinoy big brother is being traded with a commercial hottie from big brother slovenia. With this swap, the world has been interested with pinoy big brother, thus, yahoo buzz index recorded PBB as the number 1 on the list of yahoo searches for scandal. Unfortunately they would only get a few of it as PBB is not as liberated as its counterpart in other countries

  1. Pinoy Big Brother Scandal
  2. Watergate Scandal
  3. Enron Scandal
  4. Celebrity Scandals
  5. American Idol Scandals
  6. Duke Lacrosse Scandal
  7. Paris Hilton Scandal
  8. Don Imus Scandal
  9. WorldCom Scandal
  10. Miss USA Scandal
  1. Student Loan Scandal
  2. Britney Spears Scandal
  3. Teapot Dome Scandal
  4. Citigroup News Scandal
  5. Black Sox Scandal
  6. Miss Nevada Scandal
  7. Australian Big Brother Scandal
  8. Mark Herras Scandal
  9. Wolfowitz Scandal
  10. Newt Gingrich Scandal
Feast on bruce !!!